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How to Change the Link Color in the Twenty Twenty Default WordPress Theme

Wondering how to change the main link/hyperlink color from bright pink to something else in the default WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme?

It’s actually very easy! Here’s how:

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress website (here’s a super-quick 20 second tutorial on how to log in).

Step 2a. Click ‘Customize’ in the menu, here:


Step 2b. Note: if you can’t see ‘Customize’, try appending /wp-admin/customize.php to the URL (as shown below). Still doesn’t work? Maybe you’re not using the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme?


Step 3. You should now be looking at the Customize menu, which should look something like this (below).

Select ‘Colors’.


Step 5. See where it says ‘Primary Color’?


Step 4. Select/change this from ‘Default’ to ‘Custom’.


Step 5. Move the resulting color slider to any of the colors shown. Then hit ‘Publish’ (blue button above).



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